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A Little Too Far: Review

A Little Too Far  - Lisa Desrochers

I don't know what it is about this type of NA novel that allows me to tear through them so quickly. I started on Saturday morning and ended up finishing Sunday night, well within reasonable bedtime limits. There's something that just so effortless about these stories. A Little Too Far falls within the category I typically label "Brain Candy". It's not an insult, but alludes to the level of critical thinking I need to bring to the table while enjoying the characters and their escapades. It typically also means the writing didn't stand in the way of the story, which can be a good thing. I like simple, straightforward writing for the most part, and since there's absolutely nothing memorable about the actual exposition, I'm going to say it was decently written. 

What I liked most: Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Well written smut is hard to come by and A Little Too Far didn't disappoint. As an aside, where were all of these female-pleasure-centric dudes when I was young? The sexy times scenes were pretty hot and thankfully, not at all marred by the BDSM that seems all the rage right now (and is not my sexual cup of tea). I wasn't put off by the almost-not-really incest (maybe because I've never had a step-brother?) and I thought Trent and Lexie had some decent chemistry. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of smut-shaming and girl-bashing that is rampant in NA, although I did think Lexie was pretty hard on herself from time to time. Although I didn't always understand what Alessandro saw in Lexie, I did think their relationship was intriguing and there were some genuinely funny moments in their friendship. Refreshing to see a well-functioning blended family too. No wicked stepmothers in this book, which I was thankful for. 

What I didn't like: Both of Lexie's girlfriends seemed egocentric and shallow. Apparently the primary reason girls have friends is to encourage sex with random strangers. They were all like "More with the sex" instead of "How are you?" and "Are you homesick?" which would be probably be more likely. I'm yearning for a well written female friendship and I didn't find one here. I was also a bit confused about the religious elements introduced. The amount of detail included in the storyline led me to think that there would be some religious interpretations or a deeper exploration of Lexie's religious beliefs, but in the end it just seemed like the author was really familiar with confession and wanted to make sure we knew it. Finally, I found the romantic tension between Lexie and her suitors a bit flat. Although the chemistry was okay, I didn't swoon with feels over the lovey-dovey parts. I wanted more feels. And (view spoiler)

Overall: A decent, not very cerebral read. Wasn't blown away by the romance, but I appreciated the smut for what it was. I'd possibly pick up the next in the series for a beach read.