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The Iron King: Review

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa

Rating: 3.5 stars

I haven't googled, but I'm guessing this was Julie Kagawa's first book? I've made this hypothesis because although I found the beginning slow and uneven, there were still elements of awesome. It was almost like I could feel her finding her pacing as the story wore on. 

What I liked: Some great secondary characters (Grim! Puck!), a potential love triangle (which isn't a bad thing in my eyes), nice romantic tension between the main characters, and a confused, genuine female protagonist who is funny and brave. Lots of room to grow here. 

What wasn't great: Too many fae elements introduced all at once. I found Meghan's first couple of days in the Nevernever a bit confusing. I also wished her relationship with Robbie was more established before their adventure began. I know he was supposed to be her BFF, but I wasn't really well connected to them as friends before things changed. Also, the ending and events leading up to it seemed a foregone conclusion. I mean didn't anyone else (view spoiler)

Overall? I can't wait to dig into this series as this first book promises an entertaining, well written fae and fantasy adventure.